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“Rediscover with us the treasures of the cinematographic industry in Lebanon”

The Metropolis Association in partnership with the Lebanese office of tourism in Paris and the BLC bank have the pleasure to present “The Most Beautiful Days of My Life”, the first edition of a Lebanese retrospective dedicated to productions of Lebanese cinema of the years sixties and seventies, which will be held from the 13th to the 22nd of June 2012 at Metropolis Empire Sofil.

Fifty years ago, the Lebanese cinema industry kept producing genre films: romances, dramas, thrillers, action films, B movies. The purpose of this retrospective is to offer to the audience these precious testimonies of a cinema of genre and of the city of Beirut since the sixties, by screening films that occupy a very important place in the collective memory of the Lebanese people.

Eleven films will be screened in the frame of this first edition, in the presence of some of the crew members and some of the actors who have marked this period. A special tribute will be made to the prince of Lebanese cinema Ihsan Sadek who will be present on the opening day; A special evening will be also dedicated to the Lebanese cinema and music icon Sabah. An exhibition of film posters from the collection of Mr. Abboudi Abou Jaoudé will be open to the public during the event.

This event promises a program rich in memories that will take you back or make you discover a period where economic development, cultural richness, freedom of expression and peaceful atmosphere prevailed.


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