Cade: A secret shared by the shepherds of Provence
For generations, in the hills of Provence, a secret held by shepherds has been handed down from the father to son. It tells of the extraordinary properties of Cade essential oil, also known as Wild Juniper, extracted from plants that grow wild across the Mediterranean scrub land. This oil has proven to be indispensable on long journeys to new pastures, thanks to its ability to effectively protect the face against the Mistral wind and the burning Provencal sun.

Cade: A traditional art of shaving
Every day, the skin on a man’s face must not only cope with the harsh environmental elements, but also – and above all – irritation caused by shaving. The surface of the skin is weakened daily by an average 15 strokes of the razor blade, which damage the hydrolipidic film. There is nothing vain about a man applying products to protect, regenerate and soothe his skin. It is simply an essential step to maintaining a healthy complexion.

Following in the purist age-old traditions of Provence, the L’Occitane Cade collection has been specifically designed to provide expert skincare dedicated to men’s skin. The result is a gentle shaving ritual that keeps men’s skin looking young and feeling great.

A perfect shave in 3 steps only:

1. Prepare the skin for shaving (massage with oil)
Shaving Oil 30ml - 42,250 LBP
The shaving oil has a transparent texture that rinses off easily and is ideal for softening tough stubble before shaving. It is particularly useful for tracking dense growth areas and trimming goatee beards, sideburns and mustaches. Held in a small bottle, it is perfectly portable and makes the ideal travel companion for men.

2. Shave gently (control razor glide)
New Shaving Gel 150ml - 42,250 LBP
A gel that’s quick and easy to use, for men in a hurry who want perfect results. Transforms into a thick, silky foam to effectively tackle all types of beard.

Shaving Cream 150ml - 48,250 LBP
With its new, even smoother texture, this cream provides supreme comfort for the skin.

Shaving Soap 100g - 29,000 LBP
Enriched with Cade essential oil as well as Shea butter and macadamia nut oil, this soap transforms into a rich lather, ensuring a comfortable and smooth shave.

3. Soothe the skin (apply skincare)
After Shave Balm 75ml - 64,250 LBP
After Shave Balm 30ml - 29,000 LBP
A light and fluid texture with calming properties for fast-acting soothing care.

Cade New Shaving Gel will be in stores across all L'Occitane branches in the Middle East region starting July 22nd.

L'Occitane advances men's collection with the new Cade Shaving Gel

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