Established in 1989, Layout remains a leader in desktop publishing solutions. Layout's fonts are still the number one fonts used by the majority of the Middle Eastern Publishing Industry. Following an international success, Layout expanded its area of expertise and started out Layout International that specializes in workflow solutions to better meet the media industry growing needs. With a record built on proactive thinking and continuous strive for improvement, Layout International growth has been acknowledged by the most prestigious media companies to become the leading supplier of highly customizable workflow solutions.

Powering more than fifty companies worldwide, Layout International maintains it's leadership by offering a wide range of solutions that help their clients elevate their process efficiency, reduce their operating costs and boost their revenue stream. They pride their selves for providing smart solutions ranging from editorial workflows that meet the needs of small and large publications, to software systems that fully track the job flow in Ad Agencies.

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Layout International

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    Habis Technology Center, Sector 2, Street 50. Jisr El-Bacha Tel.: +9611486220


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Cultural Patterns Exhibition Exhibition (Social Design, World Culture)


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