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Fete De La Musique started in Beirut in 2001 through the efforts of the Mission Culturelle Francaise in Lebanon and the Lebanese Ministry of Culture, as well as Solidere, bringing together the emergent local talent in numerous venues across the city.

The 2012 program promised great performances and many surprises across the many streets of Beirut, and delivered quite well.

Spanning over nine different locations, the festival brought together professional and amateur, local and international musicians, all united through their enthusiasm for performing.

The Zaitunay Bay line-up included:

20:00-20:20 Abdel Harb (Flamenco Guitar)
20:30-21:00 Rojo Del Libano (Flamenco)
21:10-21:40 Bruno Tabbal (Rock, Pop)
21:50-22:10 Beirut Vocal Point (A capella)
22:20-22:50 Band Audi (Rock, Blues)
23:00-23:30 Blue Band LB (Rock, Reggae)
23:40-23:55 Gilbert Simon (Funky Rock)
00:05-00:20 Jebebara (African Rhythm and Percussions)
00:30-01:00 Maher Salame (Electro Oriental, House)


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