"Amidst the ongoing activity and dynamism of the Corniche, our group chose to settle on a static spot on the platform separating the car lanes. We were mainly interested in studying the Corniche as one single section, or strip, that extends from the well-known coffee shop "Uncle Deek", on the south side of the street, onto the platform, and across the street towards the rail on the edge of the sea.

Though surrounded by two very active roads, the platform is used by many people for specific activities: a group of bikers who call themselves "urban invaders" use this platform as a place to practice their street stunts; other people just use(d) it as a piece of urban furniture: a place to sit, to have a sandwich, to wait for a taxi... To our surprise, we also noticed a prostitute and her child being picked up by a car in the middle of the day. The users vary; young men, athletes, and beggars cross from one side to the other throughout the day. At some instances, the platform is used as a temporary staying spot.
We are hoping that our stay and observations will allow us to question what type of creative public opportunities can take place on the Corniche and to envision how the middle space of the corniche can connect, link and activate both sides instead of merely divide them.

Our observations helped us in understanding the existing conditions and uses of the central platform and its current state.

Have you ever seen it?"

Balute Jenna
Elghoussein Nasma
Ezzedine Wael
Noureddine Ahmad
Mneimneh Dina


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