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The Mukhi sisters have participated in many prestigious jewelry fairs including Beirut Jewelry Week 2009 and 2012, Joaillerie Liban 2009 in BIEL, Beirut Haute Joaillerie at Phoenicia Intercontinental, Birdcage, a fashionista event in 2010 and Bisat el reeh in Saudi Arabia. Their close involvement with charity organizations has seen them participate in an international diplomatic fair and collaborate with local NGO IndyAct. in 2012, Mukhi sisters were a part of a stylists event for the Oscars and Grammies in Los Angeles, they participated in Bijhorca in Paris and opened up their first store at the Beirut Souks. Now, in honor of the Beirut Design Week 2012, the Mukhi Sisters have mustered up their dedicated time to perfection to take part of this festive event that is taking Beirut by storm. Here's what they had to say about it this:

"It is about time that Beirut had its own Design Week. This cosmopolitan city has been constantly redefining its design culture and exhibiting to the rest of the world some of its most unique creations. Between June 25th and 30th, we will be witnessing the FIRST Beirut Design Week by connecting the dots throughout the city and exploring the work of all the designers and architects that have been drawing, molding and sewing Beirut's contemporary identity through design". Doreen Toutikian.

So without further ado, join the festivities at Mukhi Sisters store and check out their latest jewelry collection as part of the Beirut Design Week.


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