This film is part of Metro Al Madina's free screenings in July under the title "Cinema in Love."

All films will be shown on the big screen in the theater hall with free popcorn.

Beirut the encounter (1982)
Culled from real-life stories during the civil war, this film captures with acuity and sensibility the mundane vexations, anxieties, sorrows and griefs that Beirutis experienced on a quotidian scale. The film unfolds as a compelling record of the period; even as it casts motifs and elements that would become salient tropes of the postwar generation’s artistic production, the film offers subversive reflections on individual and collective memory as well as archiving practices.

Directed by: Borhan Alawiye
Starring: Haytham el-Amine, Nadine Acoury, Najwa Haïdar, and Houcem Sabbah

Beirut the Encounter

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