As part of the global campaign denouncing the plans of Shell to drill in the Arctic, putting at risk an entire ecosystem from oil spills and accidents, Greenpeace activists in Beirut, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Polar Bear, opened a banner today in front of the Hypco storage tanks in Dora. Their message was clear: “stop Shell” and “save the Arctic”.

Speaking on behalf of Greenpeace Lebanon, Ramy Barhouche said that since Shell does not have an official office in the country, the protest came in front of its major partner Hypco*, to show that the Lebanese are aware of the threat to a global common, owned by us all, and they will not stand by and let Shell proceed with its plans.

He invited people to join Greenpeace in their demand to save the Arctic by signing their petition online ( which has so far gathered a million signatures and is demanding the establishment of a global sanctuary around the Arctic donut hole, an area that covers 200 nautical miles around the North Pole.

The problem is that the ice is melting due to our high use of fossil fuels and the subsequent emissions of greenhouse gases, which are causing global warming and threatening one of the most fragile environments in the world. It is typical that the same corporations that are main contributors to this fossil fuel use would want to exploit the newly available waters. We strongly believe that this is unacceptable behavior.

*Hypco is an official partner of Shell and distributes its products in the country at its various locations. Our target is not Hypco but we are delivering a message to Shell International.

For more information, please contact Ramy Barhouche, the official spokesmen for the Arctic Campaign in Lebanon, on the following number: 70 788 224 or email him on

Greenpeace in Lebanon Takes Action to Save the Arctic

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