It’s not as popular as #JustinBieber and #KimKardashian, but the hashtag #StopTimeOutDubai got some play on Twitter today. It all started when Time Out Dubai magazine posted an article on its website titled, 5 to try: Bars in Ramadan. And LAWD, did that seriously piss some people off.

Here’s a look at what some Tweeps had to say about it:

By mid-day, Time Out admitted it was in the wrong and took the article down. The magazine also sent out this Tweet:

In the end, Ramdan isn’t just about refraining from eating and drinking, it is also about learning to be patient, showing respect, and being kind, generous and accepting of others, even when they make mistakes.

Time Out's apology shows they regret having posted the article. I say we just accept the apology and get on with our lives.

Ramadan Kareem!

Why #StopTimeOutDubai is trending on Twitter

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