Since the 17th century, the Old Souk was gradually extended. It inspired many Orientalists, and several Othoman Sultans traveled to Zouk Mikaël in order to buy the trousseau of the bride, fruit of its 400 “Nawl” weaving looms.

In addition to its shops of craft industry, it includes also a historical “Khan”, many cafés trottoirs offering narguilé and Turkish coffee to clients, restaurants, pubs animating the evening walks in the pedestrians’ lanes. The Old Souk is famous for the weaving of the “Nawl”, as for its handmade jeweler industry, its carpenters and shoe-makers which are the work of the Zoukiote’s men, and its embroidery, Marzipan and Sambousik which are the prerogative of women.

Old Zouk Souk

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Past Events

Layali El Souk al Atik... Exhibition (Jewelry, Handcrafts)
Wine Festival at the Old Zouk... Festival (Food & Beverages)


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