Metis offers its clients the opportunity to travel both in time & space by offering them three prestigious nights one different from the other by theme, atmosphere and mood.

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    $30 and above

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    Monot Street Monot Tel.: +9611333880
    Mob.: +9613030906


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Articles & Media

French Night at Metis Album on Mar 7, 2012

Past Events

French Night at Metis Party (Special Themed Party)
80s Night at Metis Party (Special Themed Party)
House And RnB Night Party (Special Themed Party)
Kiss me, I'm Santa at Metis Party (The Guide to Christmas 2012)
Young Beirut Party (Special Themed Party)
The Comedy Cellar featuring Maz ... Performance (Stand-Up Comedy)


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French night on Wednesdays! :-D

Alison Lehr on Sep 21, 2010 via foursquare