“Enhancing IT skills of youth is critical for building a knowledge-based society”: Canon Middle East

Canon Middle East, a leader in imaging solutions, has announced its continuing support for the "ICDL Summer Camp" being run across universities and centers in the GCC.

The summer camp, which will run from July to late August, is being organized by educational authorities and universities throughout the region under the auspices of ICDL GCC Foundation, the governing body and the certification authority of the International Computer Driving License program (ICDL) in the GCC.

Canon Middle East is extending its region-wide support for the initiative for the third consecutive year. The company aims to boost the IT skills of the region’s youth as part of its ongoing commitment to inspire people’s creativity and innovation, and will offer a range of rewards such as printers and cameras to the highest achievers from among the thousands of ICDL summer camp participants. Canon also plans to organise workshops on photography techniques for the ICDL students.

Anurag Agrawal, Managing Director, Canon Middle East said: “Developing the skills and competencies of the youth is a very important undertaking for society as they are the future leaders and hold the key to innovation and creativity. Canon's support of the ICDL Summer Camp is in line with the company's corporate philosophy of ‘kyosei’ which emphasises living and working together for the common good. Today, IT know-how is a requirement and not just a trend. We are pleased to lend our support to the ICDL summer camp for the third running year as we believe that by empowering the youth with these critical computer skills we are helping to pave the way to a knowledge-based society.”

It is estimated that six thousand students from across the GCC will undergo extensive computer training in accordance with the globally recognised ICDL standards through the 2012 summer camp. The participants are expected to achieve the ICDL certification after passing official tests that not only affirm their competence in using the computer and the Internet, but that also attest to their resourcefulness, self-confidence and sense of responsibility.

Jamil Ezzo, Director General of ICDL GCC Foundation, said: The continued success and expansion of the Summer Camp is a testament to the unique partnership forged between the public and private sectors and we are proud to have Canon on board for the third year supporting this key initiative. We share a common goal of expanding the digital learning culture across the region making a difference to young people of today who are the future of tomorrow.”

Thousands of GCC Youth Undergo Summer Training to Achieve Globally Recognised ICDL Certification

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