Gotham had Batman. New York had Spiderman. Metropolis has Superman. With the recent increase in comic book adaptations, it’s about time the Middle East got a superhero of their own, don’t you think? Well fear not, because our friends over at Light FM were kind enough to announce the arrival of said superhero by sharing this picture on their Facebook page.

Meet Salman, the answer to our prayers. With his abaya and trusted shades, Salman’s purpose in life is to restore peace in the Middle East. A lover, not a fighter, his secret lies in his keffiyeh, a harmless-looking wrap that is really the source of Salman’s superhuman strength. When worn right, the keffiyeh also has the ability to give Salman instant invisibility, superhuman hearing, and not to mention, it looks infinitely cool.

But do not be fooled, Salman’s coolness factor (and his superhuman strength) don’t depend solely on his keffiyeh. Our savior’s stylish shades allow him x-ray vision, and his abaya is made from just the right combination of laminated fibers and ostrich feathers to act as a bulletproof shield and a built-in flying device.

Don’t forget Salman’s ultimate communication device, his BlackBerry, warning him of any nearby criminals and delinquents anytime anywhere. (For security measures, Salman has asked for his BlackBerry not to be portrayed in any official portrait shots.)

The answer to the #BlameBassil problem? We think yes.

Salman Bin Batal

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