The mission of Electricité du Liban (EDL) is to generate, transmit, and distribute electricity to all Lebanese territories up to the highest possible quality standards and in compliance with the laws and regulations of the Lebanese Republic.

EDL strives to play a beneficial and constructive role in supporting and promoting economical growth and social development in Lebanon and is strongly committed to offering all its customers fast, dependable, and courteous services in a transparent manner.

Electricité du Liban (EDL) is a public establishment with an industrial and commercial vocation.

It was founded by Decree No. 16878 dated July 10, 1964, and is responsible for the generation, transmission, and distribution of electrical energy in Lebanon.

The distribution network consists of substations converting power from medium to low voltage and using more than 15,000 transformers with their accessories and appurtenances, in order to deliver electrical power to every subscriber.

Currently, the number of employees at EDL is around 2 300 (although this number should normally be 5020 according to the Establisment’s official organizational structure) serving more than 1 100 000 subscribers of low, medium, and high voltage.

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    Monday - Saturday: 08:00 - 14:00
Electricite Du Liban

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    Al Nahr Street Mar Mikhael Tel.: +9611442720
    Tel.: 1707
    Tel.: +9611442729


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