Paradis d’Enfants is a non-profit primary school relying on community support. It was founded in 1997 for the sole intention of educating children of needy families in Lebanon, regardless of their background, religion or social status. Paradis d'Enfants believes in every child’s right to education.

Paradis d’Enfants was established to serve childhood and to support the cause of parents in misery, who are incapable of providing education for their children. After ten years of field educational activities, we forged our own identity as we realized that our role goes beyond providing education for young generations and moral and financial support for our students’ families. They have the mission of sensitizing the society and promoting the participation of the local population. This is the real outcome of their work; a work that is unique in Lebanon.

Paradis d'Enfants Primary School

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    Apôtres College Building Jounieh Tel.: +9619637507


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