Lebanese singer Mohammad Iskander has reportedly been denied entry into Canada following pressure from activist groups who say the performer promotes homophobia and sexism.

The NGO, Raynbow, reports that Iskander did not perform at his events scheduled to take place last week in Windsor on August 31 and Montreal on September 1. The El Mazai Restaurant in Ottowa also announced on its Facebook page that Iskander’s performance at the restaurant – slated for Sunday – was postponed until next week.

In the song “Dodd al-Onof” (Against Violence) Iskander sings that men have “contracted the disease of softness… they will look like a guy but act like a girl.”

“Don’t pamper [your son] like you pamper roses
When he makes a mistake, punish him and be tough
Being tough is necessary
Let him become tough and a street punk
That’s better than him becoming half a man.”

Critics also point to Iskander’s song Jemhouriyet Albi (The State of my Heart) for its misogynistic leanings:

“Our girls don’t get hired according to their degrees…
Our girls, they get whatever they want
They don’t need to work for pleasure…
Your job is my taking care of my heart, my sensations and my emotions.
You won’t have time for anything else”

What a douche.

Raynbow has compiled a page of Iskander lyrics they find sexist. Check it out here.

Mohammad Iskander Reportedly denied Entry into Canada

(Photo via denfi.dk)


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