Mohammad Iskandar was born on September 20, 1960.

He is from the Beqaa- Hermel. He began his career as a poet, and in 1983, he formed his own choir, and toured in various Arab countries, Brazil, and Africa, but his dream to become a famous singer remained on his mind.

Iskandar participated in a amateur program called "Layali Lobnan". He then appeared on National Lebanese television and sang a piece called "Ghebti Ya Lina" written by himself and composed by Matar Mohamed. He won the show's top prize. In 1989 he wrote the song, "Min Chaghil Balik Samira Ya Zgheera" which marked his transition into the music world.

In 1994 he returned to Beirut to launch "Ors Al Dayaa" and in 1995 "Mareed Twadaini."

In 1996, Iskandar launched a new album "Faya Mandilek Faya" which added more success to his career. In 1997, his album "Bieide Dakhaltik Al Alb" was produced, followed by another album in 1998, "La Tnam Ouyunak," in which he collaborated for the first time with the talented composer Salim Salameh. In 1999, Iskandar launched the album, "Ors Al Badiya".

In 2000, to celebrate the departure of Israel from Lebanon, Iskandar released the album "Reshou El Wared," which featured the song "Fallou." In 2002, his album "Al Hassoudi" was praised as a huge success. He produced three albums in 2009: "Al Berdana," "Kebret Bi Rassi" and "La Tiksor Bikhater Mara."

Iskandar has recorded over 250 songs and made more than 50 TV appearances.

Mohammad Iskandar

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