At a time where the Lebanese Parliamentary Committee for Administration and Justice is implementing the tobacco control law on the 3rd of September, ABC, the leading retailer in Lebanon will, once again, be the pioneer in instigating the tobacco control legislation number 174 on the 1st of September.

This decision reflects an awareness of health issues associated with smoking, and ABC considers this phase to be another important step towards making Lebanon a vibrant and healthy place to live.

ABC's community engagement stands particularly out in Lebanon, where the fight against tobacco consumption is becoming more and more a priority on the Lebanese minds. "By being one of the first and very few establishments in the country to jump on the anti-smoking carriage, ABC took the lead in protecting its clients from the harmful effects of passive smoking, and preserving a pleasant atmosphere for all visitors" said Robert Fadel, Chairman of ABC.

In its vital role of giving back to the community, ABC was the first to turn into a non-smoking mall back in March, and is now implementing the 174 law, in a preparation phase, forging the way to encouraging other establishments to do the same. "We strongly believe that our initiative portrays ABC’s support to the law and towards the health of the customers.” Fadel continued.

ABC has been working with Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI), the only Lebanese non-governmental organization specialized in the fight against tobacco on the implementation of the new policy. This tobacco-free policy is inclusive of the entire indoor property, including all entry points, hallways, and restaurants. It applies to all mall tenants, employees, and guests.

Caring about the community, ABC's primarily aim is to protect everyone’s right to breathe clean air - It is time to take a stand for better health and make ABC a smoke-free family place.

ABC implements non-smoking law as of 1st of September


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