After Mashrou3 Leila's success in Baalbeck Festival this summer, the band is really excited to be performing again in Lebanon, at Bar National.
Actually in pre-production of their 3rd album, Mashrou' Leila will perform many new tracks (unheard yet) and tracks from their first and second album.

Born of a nocturnal encounter at the American University of Beirut in 2008, Mashrou’ Leila is a seven-member band that fuses the craftiness of a music workshop with the punch of stadium rock. With their distinct approach to storytelling and orchestration, they have crafted some of the most melancholic ballads and raucous anthems in contemporary alternative Arabic music, and went on to perform them live at sold-out venues in Lebanon, Cairo, Amman, Paris, Amsterdam, and Prague.
Their eponymous debut album and the 7al Romancy EP unfold like cinematographic fictions starring lovesick characters in desolate motels or wandering insomniacs in ghostly cities. At times quirky and playful, at others bitter and somber, the songs demonstrate the band’s great versatility in dealing with musical form, narrative, and social issues.

Prices: 50,000 LL and one drink

Mashrou' Leila Live at Bar National

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    Bar National Facing ATCL Kaslik Tel.: +9619914814
    Tel.: +9619937555
    Mob.: +9613080888


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