Tonight’s Transient Tour double album launch at Radio Beirut is all about showing off the experimental, improvisational side of Beirut's alternative music scene.

The musical lineup:

'Infinite Moment of Composure' is a collaboration between Liliane Chlela (musician, composer, producer) and Jawad Nawfal, a.k.a. Munma (sound designer, composer, producer). They'll be playing tracks from their album, Turbulence.

'Tasjiil Moujahed' is the latest project from electro-duo C-drik Fermont (Syrphe label owner, producer and composer) and Jawad Nawfal. Their album is called Moussafer

What to expect: Melancholic, noisy electronica fuelled with abrasive beats.

Here’s what Chlela told ahead of tonight’s show: “This new collaboration with Munma is a real amalgam of both our sounds and perception of music and sound in general. For my part, it was very interesting to hear my sounds being put in such a context; the overall mood is very electronic and organic at the same time. This album being out by Syrphe and mastered by the great C-drík Fermont is a real honor. He will also be present with us tonight, presenting his project with Munma, 'Tasjiil Moujahed.'”

In sum: It's all about ambience, noise, electronica, and unexpected Avant Garde sounds. The night will also feature sets by RadioKVM & Astarté.

This one is going to be killer. Be there, or forever suck.

Electronic-Experimental Music at Radio Beirut

A photo of Jawad Nawfal (aka Munma) by Tanya Traboulsi.


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