Munma was created by Jawad Nawfal in the aftermath of Israel’s war on Lebanon in the summer of 2006. It explores oriental harmonies and rhythmical patterns, with a strong reliance on sampled traditional musical beds, excerpts from radio speeches and the like, and an overall somber, reflective mood.

Munma has produced three 6-track EPs, entitled 34 Days (2006) Black Tuesday (2007) and Unholy Republic (2008), released on former Lebanese record label Incognito Records.

In 2010, Munma’s 4th record was released, entitled Previews & Premises. The self-produced, self-released album consists of 8 tracks recorded between 2006 and 2010.

In 2011, Munma started collaborating with lebanese writer, poet & rapper Mazen El Sayed. The album entitled “El Rass & Munma: Unveiling The Hidden,” explores the darker sides of rap, and reveals deep electronica and dubstep musical influences.

In 2012, apart from numerous sound designs for documentaries, a fiction short (“A place to go” by Wajdi Elian) and a dance choreography (“Tajwal” by Alexandre Paulikevich), Nawfal started two new music monikers: “Tasjiil Moujahed,” a electro- duo with Berlin-based musician, composer and producer C-drik Fermont; and “Infinite Moment Of Composure,” a noise/electronica duo with Lebanese musician, visual artist and composer Liliane Chlela.

Munma is one of Beirut's first and foremost talents in the field of modern electronica, with a variety of live and studio projects since the early 2000s, including AEX, Ae_Quo, Index/Left and more recently Tasjiil Moujahed & Infinite Moment Of Composure. His DJ sets are the stuff of legend, high-flying, mind-blowing affairs in which he dexterously spins breaks, electro, garage, dubstep and hiphop, as well as his own productions.


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