Local comedian and founder of Vanguard Productions, Nemr Abu Nassar, has taken to YouTube with a new video titled, “Take Entertainment Back,” but this time, very few people are laughing.

In the roughly 11-minute video, he claims the Lebanese television and entertainment industry is worth squat and doesn’t reflect the true face of the Middle East.

So Nemr’s plan is to launch a web-comedy series that would include his standard stand-up comedy routine along with pre-recorded sketches that would be played in front of a live audience.

And here’s the kicker: the comedian needs $200,000 worth of sponsorship money to make it happen.

While Nemr’s speech is about as touching as William Wallace’s speech in BraveHeart, and as tactful as the US presidential campaign speeches, I’m still not convinced.

Then again, Haifa will always perform sold out shows, and soap operas like Bab Idriss will continue to gather enthusiastic followers. I don't see why both sides can't co-exist.


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