Domaine Wardy's winery has a grape handling area, where only the best handpicked grapes are sorted and pressed. Once the grapes are ready for use, stainless steel and concrete fermentation tanks create the perfect reaction and imported French, American and Eastern European oak barrels are used to age the wines.

Because quality is at the heart of everything they do, they have a modern, fully-equipped laboratory to ensure all their wine and arak meet international standards. The latest wine filtering equipment and a completely automated twin bottling and labeling line with a capacity of 3,000 bottles per hour then add the finishing touches.

Domaine Wardy is renowned for high-quality wine including aromatic whites and strong bodied reds. With 11 blended and unblended wines to choose from, they bring cheer to different tastes and budgets.

Each of their wines has a unique character. Some have notes of berries while others surprise with a tropical twist, spicy allure or nutty charm. From the captivatingly full-bodied to the fresh and smooth, their award-winning wines embody a world of diverse taste experiences.

Domaine Wardy has three vineyards: one in Zahle, one in Kfarzabad in the Bekaa Valley, and one in Bhoucha near Zahle.

Domaine Wardy

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    El Hemmar Kfar Zabad

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    Al Ghuwaybah Zahleh


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