Solidere hosts an artistic public installation for Nada Sehnaoui dubbed “A light at the end of the tunnel”. The event kicking off at 6 pm on Wednesday the 12th of September 2012 will be taking place at Zeytoune Square, in Beirut’s Central District (behind Starco Building). This artsy event will be open to visitors until the 14th of October 2012.

This installation, conceived by Nada Sehnaoui, is a monumental aesthetic gesture, a visceral desire for expression on the political, social and cultural state of Lebanon but also of the region.
“Light at the end of the tunnel” is the embodiment of an individual desire first, then of the collective desire of a society which seeks itself, and of problems that merge constantly but that also offer paths to those who want to see a little more light.
This light is created and desired by the openings, passages separating 360 red wooden parallelepipeds. These geometrical structures create others: circles, which go on to form a monumental spiral labyrinth. Form embraces content as in all urban works by the artist. These parallelepipeds are highly suggestive: towers, stools, dilapidated urban structures... All alludes to a contemporary totem seeking a united community.

About Nada Sehnaoui

Nada Sehnaoui is a visual artist and painter born in Beirut. Her numerous urban and sculptural interventions in public spaces in Lebanon date since 2001. They stand out by the repetition of objects, a formal and thematic recurrence since most of the works by the artist address issues of memory of the Lebanese wars, collective amnesia, and personal recollection, questioning notions of monuments and identity creation. All these installations are offered to the passerby, the urban wanderer, and the informed citizen. Through mediation unique to each, they create spaces for meditation, social reflection, and a sort of playground for the public.
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Zeytoune Square hosts an exhibition for Nada Sehnaoui


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