Company aims to highlight rising artists and give them opportunities to shine in high profile art venues

Always sticking to the highest levels of excellence in providing laser medico-aesthetic treatments and services, Silkor had consistently followed a policy encouraging new artists, by showcasing their unknown masterpieces to a high level audience in prestigious venues of art.

In this line, the leading brand of laser treatments in the region launched an innovative art competition that included various categories namely: “The Best Painting”, “The Best Photography”, “Best Transformed Material” and “The Best Animated content/Video”. All the art works presented revolved around a unique subject chosen by Silkor: Women. The competition Jury lead by Nicole Wakim, Diane Aftimos and Eliott Stemph chose 6 winners including Milana Sheiyna, Rowiena Zeinoon, Simar El NouNou, Charbel Boueiz, Zeina Hawa and Paula Maroun to exhibit their work at the high profile Mzaar Festival on August 15th, where the Silkor stand gained much attention from art connoisseurs and critics.

Lara Tarakjian, Managing Director at Silkor, explained the objectives of this competition: “The Art competition we organized had attracted several candidates from different artistic backgrounds and we have seen great interest and positive feedback on their different works at the Mzaar Festival by a select audience of art lovers. At Silkor, our strategy has always been to support young talents in different areas. Today, we are endorsing new artists who are eager for a chance to shine in the art scene; we have identified through this competition valuable talents and we gave them the opportunity to be seen and recognized in highly reputable venues such as the Mzaar Festival.

Silkor has launched this Art Competition through its various social media channels and received a considerable feedback through those outlets. In addition the company tied up with major universities in the country to publicize the art competition in their magazines.

Silkor announces results of its art competition

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