Though the summer days might be ending, the fun however never will…

With Grand Cinemas, the yearly routine of buying new school uniforms and stationary has become much more exciting. Get ready to try on the “digital” uniforms to win the coolest gadgets and have something to boast about once the school starts. Your “cool pack to school” ensures a cool way back to school!

“Cool Pack to School”, extending from September 15th till October 15th, is a fun, highly interactive and challenging application posted and launched by Grand Cinemas on their official Facebook page.

Facebook fans are only required to log onto Grand Cinemas’ page (Grand Cinemas Lebanon), upload their picture by either using one of the school uniforms portrayed on the page or by using the cutout standees found in all the Grand Cinemas’ lobbies.

The most challenging part is to collect as many votes as possible from friends on a daily basis. More interestingly, the voting system allows the users to upgrade and downgrade the participants based on their votes. The challenge starts here: vote to decrease the score of the competitors and increase your friends’ to help them win!

On a daily basis, one winner will get nominated to move to the final stage and have the chance to win the grand prize at the end of the month. Moreover, all nominees will remain on the scoreboard to maximize votes and increase their chance of winning. The person who collects the highest amount of votes at the end of the month will win the coolest pack to get ready to go to school.

Mrs. Carly Ramia Habis, Grand Cinema’s Regional Marketing Director explained, “We all remember how difficult it was to start a new school year after an enjoyable summertime. We are trying to turn this experience into a pleasant one with our interactive and fun application. Opening up a space to interact with our customers and still provide them with an entertaining experience shall always be among our top priorities. We try to mark every phase with an entertaining stamp.”

Every 24 hours, the bell rings for one big winner with Grand Cinemas to win the coolest pack to get ready for school.

“Cool Pack to School,” an exciting way to get ready for school with Grand Cinemas


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