In the mood for a bubbly year with free bottles of champagne, cocktails, drinks, main courses, desserts, beach access and discounts on spas, hotels, resorts, outdoor activities and wedding venues? The Lebanese market is now witnessing a new trend that enables one to save loads of money on an array of outings and activities. Beirut 365 is the first privilege book of its kind on the local market that comprises more than 365 gifts divided into six categories: Fine Dining, Restaurants & Cafes, Pubs & Clubs, Spa and Wellness, Resorts & Wedding Venues, Sports & Outdoors for a value of 10,000$. It represents a significant additional buying power that creates value for the buyers of the book. The concept is based on value creation not only for Beirut 365 buyers but also for business owners who participate in the Book as it is an excellent guerilla marketing tool that also enables the participating outlets to increase their turnover and further build their brand. The limited edition of Beirut 365 is available at major bookstores. All the privileges included in the book are valid for one year. Beirut is now yours for less, so think smart and double your fun!

Beirut 365 Press Release


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