Egyptian activist and writer Mona Eltahawy took matters into her own hands and spray painted over a hateful poster currently on display in 10 subway stations in New York City, leading authorities to arrest her on charges of "criminal mischief" and "graffiti."

Funded by the anti-Muslim American Freedom Defense Initiative, an unsurprising name for so unoriginal an agenda, the posters initially caused trouble because they were considered (surprise!) demeaning by the Metropolitan Transport Authority (MTA). But the court eventually ruled that the posters were protected under the first amendment of free speech.

If equating Muslims to savages is free speech, perhaps my own definition needs fixing... not.

Curious about the incident? Catch it all on video and make your own conclusion. As for me, I think Eltahawy says it in a nutshell: "This is what happens in America when you non-violently protest."


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