In the words of @Jaximou, All Dolled Up Nail Salon is *cue sarcasm* "just what Lebanon needs."

Emblazoned with the message "Little Divas Welcome" this nail spa, located in Le Mall, Dbayeh, embodies all that's wrong in Lebanon: the incessant focus on all things exterior.

I mean a nail spa for adults is one thing, but to get young girls obsessed with make up and manicures and hair extensions is just plain terrible. We do not all look like Miss Lebanon and it's time we started accepting that, instead of transforming ourselves into the "ideal" hottie.

Take your daughter to a bookstore, not a spa.

A Beauty Spa....for Children

(Photo via @Jaximou)


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being beautiful and taking care of yourself doesn't mean you should be stupid, a girl can be both! beautiful and educated, why can't we read a book while looking fabulous?

Rytta Türk on Jul 5, 2013 via web
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I think its nice for a little girl to dream a little its sad to think that all they can do is go to book stores and read. its nice for them to feel special like that sometimes and i think theres nothing wrong with it, every little girl would love that and its totally innocent.

Lara Jaber on Oct 15, 2012 via web