Currently trending on Facebook is a photo and story posted by Abed Shaheen, who witnessed a completely intolerable racist occurrence at the Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport while waiting for his flight.

Shaheen noted a group of foreign workers in the airport, which a MEA Ground Services' employee and her flirting buddy addressed entirely deprecatingly. “Filipino people stop talking,” giggled the women in an intercom broadcasted to the whole airport; “Filipino Nepal people talking not allowed here.” Shaheen then tried to reason with them, but received disgusting responses like “We do whatever we want and we don’t care about what you are saying,” and “Management doesn’t even want this kind of people on the flight” and worse, “Even if you complain this will be thrown away and we dare you to do anything about it.”

He then asked her a perfectly reasonable question: “How would you feel if you ever wanted to travel to Europe and while queuing for your visa they told you the same thing?” to which the cold-hearted b*tch replied "these people are different."

Shaheen eventually filed an official complaint with Air Arabia, and rightly so. If you want to check out his whole account, read the full story yourself and tell us what you think.

I want to say that I can't believe racism like this still exists in 2012, but seeing the culture of Lebanon and how maids and working class people are often treated, it is sadly not even the least bit surprising. We must all make an effort to realize that racism is NOT okay, and correct those who think they are better than others because of their nationality.

I sincerely hope the women was fired.


A online petition has been created and is open for signing. Show your support to end racism in Beirut.

The women responsible for the racist comments has reportedly been fired. Disciplinary action is being considered against her male colleague.

Racism at Beirut Airport Causes Online Fury

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