Did you know that Beirut was recently ranked the #1 most costly city in the Middle East? You're not surprised right? We didn't think so.

With beachfront property costing upwards of several million dollars, authentic buildings get the axe to make room for money-hoarding billionaires. Just check out this sad photo tweeted by @merylhaddad, showing a demolished wrecking site of what used to be an Achrafieh property.

Are we becoming the new Dubai? We don't care about ancient civilizations' ruins in Beirut, no, we'd rather build a shiny new mini-mall. Our environment is suffering from mass littering and yet we seem to have no effective prevention campaigns. Our culture is belittled by western media, so much so that many Lebanese claim that Lebanese isn't Arab, but above it.

We need to appreciate what little culture and beauty we have left in Lebanon, before it becomes a gigantic mega-mall. Please.

Vintage Buildings Aren't Good Enough Anymore

(Photo via @merylhaddad)


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