If this was a poster, I'd hang it in my room.

I absolutely LOVE this picture, tweeted by @YaraAboumrad, as it represents religious diversity in Beirut. Of course it would be even awesomer if the Druze star was incorporated, but the message is still pretty clear.

Religious acceptance, if not tolerance, isn't as common as it should be in Beirut. Christians befriend Christians, Muslims befriend Muslims. Why can't we all just be friends?

And where we include religion, we should also remember that not everyone accepts it. Tolerance goes both ways, be it of Christians, Muslims, Athiests, Druze, and yes, even Jews.

Be tolerant. Be cool. I'll like you better.

Crescents or Crosses, It's All Good in Beirut

(Photo via @YaraAboumrad)


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