Once home to prominent presenters and aspiring artists, Piccadilly Theatre is now in shambles.

Built by Lebanese architect William Sednaoui in 1965, Piccadilly was the first ever theatre on Hamra street. Once alight in the age of Arab celebrities such as Omar Sharif or Soad Hosni, Piccadilly embodied a time when poetry and calligraphy and all things Arab were the pride of the region. Graced by the likes of Dalida and Fairuz, Piccadilly theatre seems no closer now to its renovation that it was 20 years ago.

Read the sad story of what was " the silent witness to the golden age of Beirut."

Beautiful, even in ruins.

Piccadilly Theatre: Beirut Treasure in Ruins

(Photo via http://www.al-akhbar.com)


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Hauntingly Beautiful :')

Imad Al-Fil on Jun 4, 2013 via web