Under a series of international, and especially Arabic, humanitarian pressures, a Syrian pressure pot emerged translating this state into musical expression.

In a region of political-social-religious-economic-cultural-anthropological-sectarian pressure, the imbroglio-like actualities inspire those young musicians the name: Tanjarit Daght. A pressure pot about to implode whistling meanwhile a music to be followed very closely.

Sometimes Progressive, sometimes Punk, or even Soft, their rock knows how to adopt harder tones with remarkable virtuosity. Pink Floyd and Jazz are some of their direct influences. As for the lyrics, they are socially engaged words that never forget however the intimate, the humane and that unbearable thirst for lightness and freedom.

The band is made up of:
Khaled Omran: Bass and Vocals
Tarek Khuluki: Guitar and Vocals
Dani Shukri: Drums

Tickets: 20,000 with one 961 beer

Pressure Pot Live at Metro Al Madina

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    Metro Al Madina Saroulla Building Hamra Tel.: +9611753021
    Mob.: +96176309363


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