So a couple weeks ago, my sister asked me to come with her to this Dream Matcher event. I was a bit skeptical, but I had nothing better to do. It sounded kinda interesting, so why not?

We arrived a little early - me, my sister, and my mom - and checked out the surrounding art work at the Art Lounge. At the door, we wrote down three of our dreams, and tacked them to a board. We were also assigned random numbers which determined our seating.

I was a four. My mom was a one and my sister, a seven. I mingled with the other fours and met a couple people I actually really enjoyed talking to, and my sister too, with the sevens. I turned to see how my mother was doing. Lo and behold my 40-something *eh-ehm* I mean, 30-something year-old mother was commandeering the area, with a dozen university and school-aged people laughing at her cheesy jokes. Someone was evidently having fun.

We were then instructed to read the dream board, and try our best to make others' dreams come true. My sister taught three people how to cook and found herself a computer science tutor. A young lady offered to teach me Opera singing tips (yes I have weird dreams). My mom helped find someone an apartment.

The event itself was run in good spirits and I completely enjoyed myself. Not only did I make new friends with the hopes of a professional Opera singing career, but I also saw people help others purely for the sake of helping. And how often do you see that in real life?

I totes recommend checking out the next Dream Matcher Event, tonight at AltCity, for all ages.

Meet people. Share life. Make dreams.

Meet People. Share Life. Make Dreams.

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