So this is the ghetto area of Lebanon, where refugees of different nationalities barely get by. And it's being leveled for a residential and commercial complex.

This emotion-filled shot is of the Armenian Refugee Camp, Sanjak, located in Bourj Hammoud. The camp is reportedly being torn down to make way for St. Jacques Plaza, home to apartment buildings, landscaped area, and a multi-story parking garage. Families that are being forced to move are offered a compensation of $3000-$5000.

Still, this is one the densest areas in all of Lebanon, if not all of the Middle East. 150,000 people are estimated to live in Bourj Hammoud, and 80 percent of them are reportedly Armenian.

Forcing out the poor to make room for the rich(er) is terrible. Whats worse is that the Armenian population of Lebanon doesn't seem to making an effort to help the situation. Where will 150,000 people go? How will they support themselves?

It's only a matter of time before we find out.

Armenian Refugee Camp Leveled for a Commercial Complex

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