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Young couple Emne Mroue and Monzer Houdeib have officially tied the knot!

Commemorating their wedding in a uniquely awesome way, the Houdeibs took to the Alleyway - renting out Dany's basement - for their evening celebrations, bringing with them most of Hamra.

I got to know Emne about a week ago at De Prague, and it seemed like nearly everyone who passed by knew her. An artist/photographer/teacher/graphic designer, Emne met DJ/electrician-man Monzer at the now closed Flo. Emne and I spoke about everything - marriage, religion, the awesomeness of coffee, how she grew up in Cote d'ivoire and, of course, Monzer. It was super cute.

I actually ended up meeting the person who introduced them, DJ Jad Jazzy Jay, a hilarious bearded dude who jokingly proposed marriage to me (I'm still debating). Jad was actually one of seven DJs who performed at the Houdeib's event.

It looks like everyone had an amazing time; check out the photos yourself and see!

We at wish Emne and Monzer a happy and healthy marriage. Congrats you two!



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