Right, so first things first: Chuck Norris isn't actually in Lebanon. I kinda had a mini-spaz when I first read this.

That being said, we all know how superbly regal the god-like Chuck Norris really is. I mean he can slam a revolving door. He's the reason why Waldo is hiding. He won American Idol using only sign language. There's basically no one more badass that Chuck Norris.

So I don't know why Dany's is challenging death with this poster. Seriously though,135,000 L.L is a good amount of monies and smoking really is terrible for you. Let's make it pleasant for everyone and follow the rules yeah?

Luckily enough for Dany's, Chuck Norris doesn't smoke. So they won't have to face his wrath... this time.

Even Chuck Norris Has to Smoke Outside

(Photo via @danyshamra)


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Very Creative

Mazen Farah on Oct 17, 2012 via web