Yes, we love Lebanon. We love Beirut. We adore Shouf. We are enamored with Byblos. We are positively enraptured with Tripoli. And did we even mention Saida?

Appropriately named @LebCaricature tweeted this caricature of our famous Lebanese cedars, with the message "I heart Lebanon" whittled across. In cutesy fashion, the heart is cut out of cedar, a metaphor no doubt for Lebanese nationalism. But perhaps the image hold a deeper message: that of deforestation. We know that environmental conservation isn't exactly a priority in Lebanon, and we do prize our cedars so much that they're on the Lebanese flag.

Perhaps nationalism in this case means actually helping save our trees instead of cutting them down. How much do you love cedars?

The Cedars of Our Hearts

(Photo via @LebCaricature)


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