In Lebanon, people litter without thinking twice. We unfortunately have a very indifferent attitude toward environmental conservation, and any related laws are not implemented.

Environment Minister Nazem al-Khoury and Education Minister Hassan Diab have decided to change things from the heart of the matter: the education of our youth. A National Policy for Environmental Education in Lebanon is probably the most momentous conservation effort we've witnessed thus far that seems to promise realistic implementation goals.

Classes will teach about Lebanon's ecosystems and animal life, environmental preservation, and natural resources and their sustainability.

The Daily Star reported Khoury saying “When we give environmental understanding to students, they will work to protect the environment after their graduation," an ardent claim that I really hope follows through.

Conservation is a serious issue. Much of Lebanon's beauty is due to our tropical environment, but at the pace of pollution today, only decades remain till we live in a landfill. I think this is a brilliant step forward for environmental conservation and for education. +1 for Lebanon.

Ministries Finally Bring Environmental Awareness to Education

(Photo via The Daily Star)


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