I woke up thinking today was Friday. And you know that happy go-lucky feeling you get when it's Friday? I had that. All morning. The weather was lovely, I had a fabulous crepe from Tonino's and I was rockin out to The Killers. Everything was awesome. And then I looked at my phone.

Thursday. It's God damn Thursday. Why?! My mood was completely ruined. But hey, there's work to do. And then there's this picture of the sea tweeted by @nohaelsherbiny9. This picture...of the sea. The blue-greeny majestic and ever expanding sea. The sea that is bigger than us all, that could swallow us all without a care in the world. The sea that is an angry shock of indigo one day, and a pure expanse of sapphire the next.

Sometimes I forget how truly infinitesimal my problems are. And then I see a picture like this, where the city is a horizon of nothingness and the mountains and sea claim us all. I look at the sea, and then I breathe.

The Sea. That is All.

(Photo via @nohaelsherbiny9)



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