We've all seen the ancient ruins in downtown Beirut, but do any of us know their history?

I'll admit, I looked it up after seeing this picture tweeted by @HalaMoubarak. The "Roman Baths," or so they are dubbed, are on the eastern slope of Serail Hill right near the Council for Development and Reconstruction. Discovered in 1968, the ruins are a testament to Roman control of Lebanon that lasted from 64 BC to the Arab invasions. The ruins in Byblos are another prime example, as well as several artifacts and dig sites that archeologists have unearthed over the last several decades.

History is fascinating, and we are lucky enough to have some right in the heart of Beirut. So next time you pass by downtown, take a moment to appreciate the sheer vastness of time and the fact that hundreds of years ago, toga-clad Romans were standing in your exact same place.

When in Rome... I Mean Beirut

(Photo via @HalaMoubarak)



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