General Wissam al-Hassan’s death aside, little has been reported on the other victims of the Achrafieh blast on Friday. The National News Agency reported eight people dead. So who are they?

Najib over at Blog Baladi managed to gather the names of two of the forgotten victims: Hassan’s driver, Ahmad Sahyouni, and the 42-year-old mother of three children, Georgette Sarkissian, who apparently served coffee at a bank in the area.

If anyone else has information regarding the other victims, please let us know. Ordinary people are just as important as public leaders and officials. Even in their death, they deserve recognition and respect.

The Other Victims of the Achrafieh Blast

(Photo via L'Orient-Le Jour's Facebook page)


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Thank you, I have been looking for their names online all day and couldn't find anything!!

Jawad Yehia on Oct 21, 2012 via web