Blood donations, yes. Blood shed, definitely not.

A country plagued by war and tension, Lebanon is no stranger to casualty. And when tragedy occurs we often rise to point fingers at leaders and political or religious parties all too quickly. Yet sometimes blame is deserved.

With the rest of the Arab world rising to calls of nationalism and freedom, Lebanon seems to be the odd one out. Is it due to the politicians that never seem to change? Or is it the backwards Lebanese mindset of leaving the country to its own fate? Whatever the cause, what Lebanon needs now more than anything is unity and independence. Independence from political tyrants and monetary rule, and a healthy dose of nationalism and pride in Lebanon.

Why is it when havoc strikes the first thing we all hear is "I can't wait to leave Lebanon"? Why are people clamoring to run away instead of actively seeking to change things for the better? Lebanon needs activists and freedom fighters and peace keepers. Lebanon needs environmental awareness and education reform and religious tolerance. Lebanon needs it's Lebanese.

Thank you to @StephanieGeryes for tweeting this pic and reminding us all where our priorities lie.

Don't let any more blood be spilled. Help your country in any way you can.

Lebanon Doesn't Need Any More Blood

(Photo via @StephanieGeryes)


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