No, her name isn't Mary.

15-year-old M.M (wait - could it be?!) is a pregnant virgin, according to Sharia doctors who claim she went through an immaculate conception - fertilization without the intercourse. The real kicker here is that MM actually acknowledges her sexual activity, saying of her 17-year-old boyfriend "He had full sex with me about three times and when I told him I was pregnant, he did not care."

The National reports that the unlucky Emirati couple have since (surprise!) broken up, with the boyfriend going so far as to deny impregnating his ex. Ah, teenagers.

So the question remains, what is M.M's real name? And is she really a virgin? Why then would she lie? And most important of all.... what should I eat for dinner?!

We might never know...

Pregnant Teen Declared Virgin in Dubai

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Karim Shamas on May 8, 2013 via web