It's no secret that I love awesome things. That's why I absolutely adore Zinab Chahine ctrl+z jewelry, which brings together a mix of old Hollywood glam and Arabic flair in true awesomeness form. All of Chahine's jewelry is handmaid and sold in Egypt, Lebanon, Kuwait, Jordan and even Morocco.

To find some in Lebanon, head on over to Over the Rainbow (Gemmayzeh), SuperCaliFragilisticExpialiDocious (Saifi), Leanne's Boutique (Saifi), Tawlet (Mar Mikhel), La T-Shirterie (Ashrafieh), B. (Ashrafieh) or Toxic (Kaslik).

Check out my favorite pieces below:

Rings, earrings, pins, charm bracelets, keychains and necklaces

Pretty pink and gold necklace with Audrey and Fairouz

A gorgeous faux gem gold necklace

An Arabic script chain

"All You Need is Love"

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