Wherever you go in Lebanon, the drone of a crane, bulldozer, or drill is never far away. Buildings are being built by the bucketload, old treasures are being torn down like crazy, and roads, re-vamped only to be covered in potholes and terrible paint jobs later.

Even universities and schools can not escape the construction buzz of the Lebanese. AUB has gone through its third construction project in the past two years alone, rarely granting students a moment of peace from the noise and inevitable crane usage. Ancient roman ruins were even demolished for a chance at building a new skyscraper. Ugh, how we hate construction!

But I suppose - and it is a stretch - it is a marker of progress. Where things fall, things are rebuilt. It's just too bad we can't preserve our heritage and work around it...

Credit goes to @innvo for this shot of a construction street in Jounieh. Sigh.

Never Ending Construction

(Photo via @innvo)


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