So hipsters are basically everywhere, much to my overwhelming disdain. Yeah, old stuff is cool - but going out of your way to use a corded phone or a typewriter or a scarf in the middle of summer is just plain ridiculous.

For those of you who read this and hate me, never fear! I have found your hipster haven. Actually, credit goes to @mikolai for tweeting this "hipster quarter" in Gemmayzeh.

So by all means, drink your scotch-on-the-rocks, smoke your pipes, and type away furiously on your typewriters about that thing that-you-probably-haven't-heard-of-yet, but do it with like-minded people. Go, scooter away to your incense tavern with your satchels and overalls and ridiculous bracelet accessories. May you thrive on your Arabic coffee and hookah and fake glasses and forget to ever come back to modernity.

Not that you were ever there to begin with.

Spotted: Hipster Mania in Beirut

(Photo via @mikolai)



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hahahah! I consider myself hipster, but still loved it. And i'm totally checking this place out.

Yara Zeitoun on Oct 30, 2012 via web