Ahh it's Halloween tomorrow! Have you got your costume ready? Your scare tactics in order? Your treats custom designed?

Well, we can't help you for the first two, but Cupcake box is here to help you with the treats! Offering up what looks to be awesomely delicious Halloween themed desserts, Cupcake box has dubbed these orange and black delicacies "Black Velvet Whoopie Pies." I'm pretty sure Alannah Myles would totally agree that this Black Velvet would definitely make any little boy, little girl, adolescent, adult, grandmother - or basically anyone smile.

Only available from today to November 4, make sure to be quick to grab your delicious delight at 4,500 L.L a pop, before this festive offer is over. Marshmallow cream squished by dark chocolate cookies...oh my goodness YES.

Happy Halloween! (Muahahha!)

Black Velvet and that Little Boy's Smile

(Photo via facebook.com/CupcakeBox.Charity)



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