The building design is one of the most challenging building types, well arranged on an urban site. Spaces, massing, and details show restraint and clarity and the character of this concept produces an interesting mix of retail, offices and residential apartments adapted to create a lively zone with transparency.

  • Delivery year: 2014
  • Apartments available:
    250 m2 Floor 1 (5th level): 3 bedroom apartment (with garden, terrace & water features south: 191 m2 and north: 136)

    250 m2 Floor 11 & 12 (15 & 16th level): 3 bedroom apartment(with garden, terrace & pool (south: 196m2 and north: 185m2)

    835 m2 3rd floor, accommodate open space offices.

    1238 m2 Basement 1, accommodate two retail shops.

    1076 m2 2nd floor, accommodate open space offices (including 190 sqm terrace and garden area on the roof).

    215 m2 Floor 2-10 (6th-14th level): 3 bedroom apartments

    1110 m2 1st floor, accommodate two retail shops (including 34 sqm terrace).

    995 m2 Ground floor, accommodate two retail shops

V Verdun

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    Real Estate Developer: Mercury Development Ain el Tineh Ain El-Tineh Tel.: +9611782287
    Tel.: +9611786652


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